Brazil appears as the lost paradise of authentic life and as a reservoir of cultural and natural diversity, on the other hand it is not considered a privileged place for signing purchase contracts.
Attempts to develop a «Brazilian fashion» are simultaneously attempts to internationalize it: it must be «global» to succeed nationally, but be «national» to find a space in the international market.

The present-day context of market niches demonstrates profound changes in the consumer society.
And with the evolution of the Internet and digital, fashion is more than ever a global phenomenon Massification finally gives way to the individual.
Through this comes the validation of the idea of diversity, a need to establish relationships with factors and places seen as bearers of cultural and / or natural diversity, such as Brazil.

La Mainmise pins down an overrated fashion industry by introducing new talents.
We are responsible for bridging the gap between the brazilian fashion market and the global system.


We develop intelligent strategies and create world-class brands that speak to today’s consumer and progressively maximize your visibility.
We are going to help you determine your singular qualities and unleashed your potential to reach the international market.


Leveraging our extensive knowledge of  and connections within the fashion market, we help niche Brazilian brands to successfully enter and grow in the European market. We aid in identifying the key selling points of your brand, and to tell your story effectively we will position your brand effectively by identifying the right sales channels and assist you in every step of the way.


With the right brand strategy, messaging, and target audience you can and will dominate your marketplace.
We will amplify your brands visibility through a series of traditional PR, media outreach strategies, and branded partnerships


We are constantly tuned into the brazilian cultural and lifestyle shifts, design innovation, and product development, we offer trend forecasting service and consulting to empower leading companies around the world by providing them with on-trend forecasts, inspiring content, irrefutable research and strategic guidance.
From beliefs and culture to identity, product, packaging, website and social media,we fuse intelligent strategies to grow your brand and business.


we trust and admire.